Somerford Parish Council

A village in the heart of the Cheshire countryside

Parish Council History

Parish meetings, which were a forerunner of the Parish Council, had been held in Somerford since 1894. The Parish Council was formed and its first meeting under the Chairmanship of Mr. ALec Young was held on 18th May 1953 at Sunnyside Cafe.

Minutes show that in 1961 no meeting had been held since 1959 'because of illness of various members and other reasons'. Because of this it was resolved to seek an increase of members to seven. There were no meetings in 1965/1966 due to the foot and mouth epidemic. For the next few years the council only met 2 or 3 times in the year and from minutes it can be seen that hardly any items were discussed.

However in the early 70's the Annual Parish Meeting was well attended with 20 or more residents present.

Minutes show that the council discussed:

In 1978 a Right of Way across land in the parish

In 1980 a proposal to move the seat at Pecklow to the junction of Holmes Chapel Rd/Chelford Rd

In 1986 a suggestion for a speed restriction on Black Firs Lane

In 1991 the Council was increased from 5 to 7, some thirty years after it was resolved to seek an increase

 More recently the work of the Council has increased and meets monthly. The Council provides a vital part of local democracy, representing local views and guarding local interests. Long may this continue

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