Somerford Parish Council

A village in the heart of the Cheshire countryside



The Parish Council comprises of 7 members elected every four years to represent Somerford.  In order to manage Council business and expand resources in a way that delivers best value for money, the Council has adopted a committee structure. Whilst the full Council still makes the most important decisions, such as setting the precept, committees have delegated authority to make decisions in certain areas themselves.

All meetings of the Parish Council and its committees are open to the Public and Press, except when items of a confidential nature are being discussed

Somerford Parish Council holds its regular meeting at:
Somerford Park Farm
Holmes Chapel Road
Somerford. Congleton CW12 4SW
We discuss planning, highway issues and Cheshire East affairs.
All people resident in our area are welcome to attend any of the meetings, as members of the public 

If you have any specific issues that you would like to raise at a Somerford Parish Council Meeting, please contact the Parish Clerk, Julie Mason or one of your Councillors


Working Groups

Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group – Councillor M Harnett   

 RSPB land – Councillor G Bell 


How the Council Operates

Important decisions are made by the Full Council.

The Council meet every six weeks to consider matters as detailed on the agendas. There are rules specifying a minimum number of Councillors must be present in order for decisions to be made (quorum) which is 3 Councillors.

The Council employs the Parish Clerk to carry out the decisions on  routine administration of the Council. The Parish Clerk is responsible for managing any other employees /instructed workers and ensuring the Council follows correct procedure and legislation.

Committees may from time to time establish working groups of Councillors. Working groups cannot make decisions on behalf of the Council and usually are established to research projects and make recommendations back to the parent committee.

Council and Committee meetings are open to the public to attend and time is set aside for members of the public to address the Council. You can also share your views by contacting your Councillors or the Parish Clerk.


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Somerford Park Farm

Somerford Park Farm

Chelford Road

Chelford Road

Goodwin's Pool

Goodwin's Pool

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